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eManaged Pty Ltd has been serving the Victoria area since 2014, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Employee Spotlight: Julius Janssen

As virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Julius is the one responsible for helping our clients craft their IT strategy to maximise the benefits it gives them. This service enables business owners/managers to take a hands-off approach to their IT, focusing their attention on maximising their business. Helping with this is actually Julius’ favorite part of the job.

How Our vCIO Takes Your Managed Services to the Next Level

Julius effectively works as a specialised consultant, with the kind of knowledge and technical skill of an experienced IT administrator, and the business sense of an operations manager.

He goes in understanding that the purpose of business technology is to improve productivity, and can come up with a customised roadmap on how to utilise your technology budget more wisely.

Some of the initiatives that he helps businesses with are:

  • Cutting and shifting costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Data management
  • ...and more!

The work of the vCIO does go even further than what our managed services entail. Think of managed services as the active, in-the-moment element of your IT support—what is going on right now.

The vCIO services are future-focused. Attention is paid to the whole of your business, considered through the lens of technology, so that he can help guide you towards making the best decisions as an organisation for the long term. So, while we’re working with you to ensure your critical technology is functioning for you, Julius works with you to ensure that you and your IT budget are prepared to replace them with better and more effective options in the future.

When not in the office, Julius enjoys a diverse assortment of pastimes and activities. Not only does he ride motorbikes, but he can also drive road trains and pilot light aircraft. When he isn’t at the controls of a vehicle or driving our clients’ IT strategies for them, he can be found with a good book and/or a glass of wine, often camping. Someday, he hopes to visit South America.

It is no wonder that we are super happy to have Julius on our team, and we think you won’t be disappointed in the services he can offer you! Reach out to us to discuss the benefits of working with him as your vCIO in greater detail.

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Sunday, July 03, 2022

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